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We are specialized in International, European and Commercial Law.

International Law

The internationalization of our life and the companies requires the application of some complex legal mechanisms.

European Law

We can give you the necessary advice on the legal operation modes prevailing in the legal system of the European Union.

Commercial Law

We can help you with the possible legal problems that might be present in your comercial affairs.

Commercial Law

Any company that prevents all the possible legal problems can find solutions to any unpredictable event at an affordable cost. This has been tested in the past.
Creation of companies and the legal folow in its development.
Trade agreements: agency, distribution, contract of sales, etc.
Corporate contracts
Contracts for senior management and displaced workers recruitment
Civil Liability for products reject.
Default in payements
Franchise contracts

European law

Although everyone knows about his existence a lot of people ignore it. Due to the lack of professional advice, public and private companies, local and regional entities and more than one government succumbs.

We advise you about the particular case of each intra business and can help with the adaptation and interpretation of Community law and drafting contracts comply with Community law. Similarly, we work European Economic Interest Groups and consortium of European companies .

We handle intervene with the national bodies and the European Union to carry out the administrative and judicial procedures need .

If you are involved in commercial activities you can count on our services on competition law .

International Law

The internationalization of the company requires the application of a complex legal mechanisms.
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts for international sale
  • Liability - Accidents - International Inheritances -
    International Criminal Law
  • Commercial representation abroad , agencies, subsidiaries , ...
  • Exclusive distribution agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Joint ventures , joint- venture
  • Fiscal and Accounting international and comparative law .
  • International logistical support.

Who we are?

We are a Law Firm located in Donostia (San Sebastian ) composed by three professionals with over 25 years of experience in the law field. Specialized in Commercial, Community and International private law.
Jon Etxabe

Graduate in Law by the Law Faculty of the Basque University -EHU-UPV.
Graduate in European Law by the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) 1986. French language
Master (LLM) in International and Comparative Law at the Flemish Free University of Brussels (VUB) 1987 English language.
Stagière at the European Commission situated in Luxembourg, General Division IX. 1985-1986
Lawyer in Brussels from 1987 to 1989.
Professor of European Law at the Deusto University. Economics and Business Faculty, 1990-1994 - Campus of Donostia
Professor at the School of Legal Practice in EU-UPV Donostia from 1990-2012.
Professor of European and Transnational Law in the Legal Practice Master of the Bizkaia's Law Bar Assotiation (ICAV) and the University of Deusto in Bilbao 2013-2019.
President of the Institute of Terminology and Lexicography UZEI (Unibertsitate Zerbitzurako Euskal Institutua), 2003-2019
Lawyer in Donostia - Adeco 1990-2019 specialized in European and private international law

Elisabeth Lagarde

Lawyer registered at the Law Bar Association of Gipuzkoa since 1988

Graduated in law and Master in Business, Economic and Tax Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bordeaux (France )

Validated Law Diploma in Spain by the University of the Basque Country ( EHU -UPV ) and by the Ministry of Education

Professor since 1990 at the Master of International Trade conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Navigation of Gipuzkoa. Founding member of the law firm since 1989 ADECO ABOGADOS

Working fields : Commercial law, Private international law, Community law , Cross-border tax law, and family law .

Languages: French, Spanish, Basque, English

Eva Durán

Diploma in Secretarial and Business Administration from the University of Navarra. Pamplona - 2005
Member of the firm since August 2008 year.

Responsible for accounting, tax, administration and labor issues in the areas of corporate accounting and independent, prosecutors, county and state returns, special taxes, corporate taxes, annual company accounts and legal register of books, workers procedures as payroll, insurance matters, social security affiliation issues, incidents and labor contracts.

Languages: Spanish, Basque, English, French


For complex law matters, specially linked with transborder and comparative law issues (Spain-French) we work in cooperation with ADVOCARE LAW OFFICE, our law team located in Biarritz.


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